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Joshua Bates is the newest member of Redmoor health’s digital team. The 19-year-old Junior Content Producer is working on the social media programmes and with the new Redmoor Creative team.

After finishing Wigan and Leigh College, Josh completed an eight-week bootcamp run by Manchester Digital in Wigan.

He joined Redmoor Health last month and as part of his apprenticeship, he attends the Juice Academy in Manchester one day a fortnight.

Josh is excited to be part of the award-winning Redmoor team and is loving his new role.

“I have an inquisitive mind and digital technology brings that out in me. I love technology and how it changes over time. Like other young people, I have grown up with social media. We have never known a world without it.

“Social media provides a platform that is free for everyone. The content enables you to connect with people all over the planet. The reach you can achieve is incredible.

“It is the most accessible way to communicate and engage with people, especially the younger population. They are comfortable engaging with people and organisations in this way.

“For GPs, it enables them to get content to people at home in a new way. “

Josh Bates

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