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Integrating Online Learning into NHS Professional Development

The NHS is undergoing continuous transformation fuelled by technological advancements, demographic shifts, and evolving patient needs. It’s part of what makes the sector so exciting to work in, but it’s important to keep pace with these changes and healthcare professionals require access to up-to-date knowledge, skills, and best practices.

For the NHS, a robust training infrastructure is the backbone of delivering quality care. However, traditional modes of training often fall short in delivering timely and relevant education.

We’re pleased to announce the launch of a range of online CPD training courses providing healthcare professionals in Primary Care with access to a diverse range of educational resources, including courses, workshops and webinars.  By consolidating learning materials and leveraging digital technologies, we streamline the learning process, making it more accessible, flexible, and personalised. Our courses can be purchased on a per course basis or as part of a bundle.

Patient Note Summarising

Summarising a patient’s notes in a GP practice clinical system is a daily task, so we have created courses to give someone new to summarising a basic understanding of what they are doing. And for those who are more experienced, our courses will give some insight into the background of their daily work.

Our summarising courses consist of:

  • Read Code to Snomed CT – this covers the history of Read Codes and why they have changed to Snomed CT within the UK and abroad. This course will show the Read hierarchy and compare it with the Snomed one.
  • Medical Terminology & Body Systems – this covers the basic to intermediate theory of medical terminology and the human body systems. You will learn how medical words are broken down to explain which part of the body they relate to and how to assess the importance according to the meaning.
  • Basic Notes Summarising – this course covers the basic to intermediate theory of Electronic Patient Note Summarising. You will learn how to pick out the salient points and important medical history to be recorded and the process for doing so.
  • Advanced Notes Summarising – this course will cover all aspects of the patient record and their medical history.  It will also explain the difference between coding for Oncology and Morphology, Pregnancy and Childbirth, Mental Health, Fractures, Tests, Results and Health Status, ensuring that you have these entries coded correctly.

Digital Adoption

During the covid pandemic, digital solutions very quickly became very important.  The NHS had to adapt how it worked with patients overnight. However, this meant most NHS staff never received any training in the digital tools they were now having to use daily.

We have several digital courses including:

  • Office 365 and Teams, basic and advanced – these sessions aim to support you in the tools you are already using but give you some of the hints and tips you may not be aware of.
  • Digital Champions programme – a 12 month learning programme for practices and PCN’s that provides digital skills training and shared learning to a network of Digital Champions.
  • Video Group clinics – live presented interactive training workshop which covers how to run a Video Group Clinic (VGC) for a group of patients with the same clinical issue or condition. You will learn how to set it up, run and facilitate a clinic for up to 10 patients, with all the information needed to start using VGC’s included in the workshop. You will also receive a toolkit and documented information for use after the workshop, along with Redmoor Health support contact.

If you want to know more about how we can help drop us an email at or visit our CPD Training page.

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