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Redmoor Health has launched a brand-new module as part of its innovative Digital Journey Planner.

The second module will explore how to enable patients to access GP services online, creating less need to contact a practice for ordering medication, booking, and cancelling appointments. It also includes advice how about online registration, online access to medical records and proxy access.  It builds on and continues the learning included in the Patient Communications module, launched in March.  The DJP will have a new module each quarter so that teams have time to baseline, learn and improve before moving to the next step.

The DJP is a step-by-step approach to helping practices with their digital transformation, improving patient communications, experience and the efficiency of practice teams.

The innovative tool helps GPs and their staff to meet the challenges and priorities they are currently facing.

Redmoor Health has worked alongside NHS England and Improvement’s Digital First Team on the rollout of the tool to practices across England.

The blue dots are the practices that are using the free national version and green dots are practices who have a subscription to Enhanced support from Redmoor health to fully embed Digital as a way of working.

The DJP includes several training modules; patient communications, GP online services, online consultations, remote care, use of video and integrated telephony.

Digital Programme Manager, Clare Temple, said: “The DJP is proving to be an asset to GP practices who want to progress with digital primary care. The feedback that we have had so far is that the assessments are easy to complete and the resources and advice given is helpful and informative.”

“The new GP Online Services module takes you through getting started with online services, online registration, online appointments, online medication, online access to detailed care records and proxy access. This module aims to make a good online experience for patients and enabling staff to use these services to their full potential.”

Since its launch in March 2022, the DJP has seen:

  • 515 practices sign up
  • Almost 700 users
  • Over 300 practices have completed assessments in the first module: Patient communication
  • 10 Areas (Region, ICS, or CCGs) have funded the subscription for Enhanced support for their practices across all seven regions in England.
  • The webtool includes several modules that provide guidance, hints and tips and resources to deliver effective quality patient communications, GP online services, online consultations, remote care, use of video and integrated telephony.
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