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The Redmoor Health team are an energetic bunch so Red January seemed right up their street. And what better way to raise money for a small local charity that is close to their hearts! Members of the team committed to moving more every day as part of RED January, a nationwide movement for mental wellbeing, led by the community, for the community.

And they have raised £110 for Two Brews, a voluntary outreach charity which is out and about seven days a week, spreading kindness and making a difference in Manchester.

As well as providing warm meals, hot drinks, and essential items for those trying to survive on the streets, the charity’s outreach team offer mentorship and assistance when signposting to various services, which can help lead to the next steps in housing & employment.

Lisa Williamson, Director of Quality, Service and Improvement, has taken part in Red January before and feels it helps to kick start the year in a positive way.

She said: “I have participated in Red January for the last couple of years and always felt better in myself pushing myself to exercise every day when usually I couldn’t be bothered! I feel it helps to kick start the year in a positive way.

“In the past, ‘being more healthy’ was always one of my New Year’s resolutions which always fell by the wayside early January. But when you participate as a group and on behalf of a charity, you feel a responsibility not to let anyone down and you’re held more to account! No excuses!”

Digital Programme Manager Tracey Coulter used the month to kickstart a new exercise regime. She said: “Having gone from a routine of three to four gym classes a week pre COVID to nothing more than three daily walks with my handsome pooch Archie, I thought there was no better way to incentivise myself by taking part in RED January and supporting the Two Brews Charity.

“So, on top of my three daily walks in January, I popped in some 30 minute online daily workouts – well most days I tried!  I’ve really enjoyed the extra exercise and although it sometimes felt a struggle to motivate myself I was always left feeling much brighter and happier in myself once it was done!

“I know I can and should be doing more exercise for my own health and mental health wellbeing, which has made me take the plunge and sign up to a 10 week Transform session at my local gym starting on the 13th Feb – so watch this space here’s hoping to healthier and fitter 2023 for me.

“By supporting Two Brews, it made me think about how fortunate I am to have a roof over my head and how horrendous it must be to have to sleep outside in this cold and damp winter weather.”

Stacey Adams, Digital Programme Manager, wanted to do something special for others during January as it is particularly poignant month for her.

“I wanted to do this as I’d got a bit lazy in November and December and enjoyed the festivities a bit much. January isn’t a great month for me as my dad died two weeks before my birthday, which is on January 25th and my mum’s anniversary is two weeks after my birthday. She died in 1997.

“So I was totally on board with doing something that would help my wellbeing and raise some money for a great little charity! In January, I clocked up a grand total of 268,875 steps and 25 hours in the gym!

“I also got a new deadlift personal best on my 44th birthday, 131kg! Being part of the challenge and the group really helped me to stay positive at a difficult time.”

Stacey has since beaten her PB earlier this month and deadlifted 132kg!

If anyone who would like to donate to Two Brews, please click the button below:

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